Shamanic Healing Techniques

Shamanism is defined is the ritual practice of reaching to and communicating with the spiritual forces of the outside world. shamanic healingIn this process the ritual practitioner interacts with the spirits and attains some powers which he transfers to the human world.

Shamanism is carried out by a shaman who has power to access and interact with the spirits in the benevolent and malevolent worlds. The shaman interacts with the spirits by carrying out rituals. After carrying the rituals he gets some powers which he uses to carry out ritual healing. Some of the most common shamanic healing techniques include the soul retrieval technique, the power animal retrieval, the extraction, spiritual healing, and the psychopomp technique.

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing technique which involves retrieving a lost soul. It is believed that when one suffers from any form of trauma a part of his or her soul splits and stops contributing to the well being of that person. According to shamans soul loss leads to memory loss and a sense of incompleteness. A complete healing can be achieved only after the lost soul if found and retrieved. To facilitate the process of retrieval the shaman journeys into the world and seeks their help in finding the missing part of the soul. After bringing the lost souls back home it will take a few months for full integration to take place and full recovery to be noticed.

Power animal retrieval is among the shamanic healing techniques whereby the shaman takes advice and direction from the spirits of world animals when going into the world of spirits. When performing the healing ritual the shaman retrieves the power animal for the client. The client is then required to bond with the animal by honoring and visiting it during meditation time. The client will also be required to dance before the animal as one way of honoring it.

Shamans believe that when a person or animal is sick the body becomes vulnerable to the entry of souls which do not belong to the body. The souls can cause unwanted sickness to the body. With the help of the spirits the shaman removes all the unwanted souls from the body and places them in a safe place where they can contribute to the well being of the body. He then fills the empty space with some positive power which is beneficial to the body.

Spiritual Prescription is also one of the shamanic healing techniques whereby instructions to speed up the healing process are given to the shaman by the spirits. Such instructions might include taking of herbs, changing diet as well as the touch therapy. The shaman works closely with the spirits to receive the instructions to facilitate the healing process.

Shamanism is a process or ritual that works for those who believe in it. It is also important to remember that different types of sickness can be cured using different shamanic techniques. The shaman determines which type of technique to sue on a client after examining him or her. The shaman can also communicate with the spirits and ask them about the appropriate technique to use.

The Magic Power of Shamanic Drumming

The origins of shamanic drumming dates back to 16th Century. It involves the use sustained repetitive beats. These drum beats have physiological effects on the body, particularly when it comes to altering the state of human consciousness. The rhythms are like sonic drivers, they can shift in your brain rhythms from a normal state to a trance state. They are best for shamanic journeying. Perhaps, it was the best thing until the introduction of sliced bread.

Whether journeying to a shamanic rhythm of someone or drumming in a group, the rhythm can drive you into a deep drumsmeditation state where you are physically relaxed and connected with the timeless wisdom. Thus helping you in releasing emotional trauma.

Sometimes people find it difficult to express themselves to others in a non-verbal way. For instance, speaking about their feelings in front of others. However, with the power of shamanic drumming people feel safe to express themselves passionately and creatively.

For instance holding drumming session with young children, college students, disabled adults or any other groups who have difficulty in expressing themselves would love it. You will see big changes in their self-expression after the drumming sessions, as well as a positive shift in their self-awareness.

One important thing about drumming is that you are outwardly very active but inwardly so still. It creates harmonization of brain function. Feeling calm, happy and with a chance for reflection about your current situation from a different pleasurable experience helps you see life in a different light. In this way, you do do not need aroma candles to see.

Aside from the exercise you get from playing shamanic drumming for many hours without fatigue, it has great health benefits too. Recent scientific research has shown that drumming enhance body immune system thereby suppressing depression, anxiety and blood pressure.

Other studies have shown it has either healing or calming effects on autistic children, Alzheimer’s patients, substance abusers and trauma patients like prisoners. It is also a valuable treatment for headaches, asthma, arthritis, sleep and emotional disorders.

Gathering a number of people together and playing a rhythm breaks down barriers between individual, promotes cohesion within a group, encourages listening to each other and offer a platform that foster love and unity. Unsurprisingly, shamanic drumming is becoming a popular choice for team-building events as it helps employees to bond together.

A recent development in shamanic drumming is the use of compact disc. The effects are same to those of having an actual drum. It allows complete freedom to shamanic journey without the necessity of playing a drum. You can alter your consciousness anytime when you have a portable disc player and a simple headphone. However, people should avoid listening to such recordings when driving or controlling heavy machinery.

No matter how young or old you are, or whether you are novice or a pro, when it comes to drumming, everyone can join shamanic drumming. There is no restriction for anyone who wants to join. Beginners quickly get over the worry and the doubt about keeping beat once they start. Anyone can keep a sustained beat and feel good for it.

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a religious practice that mainly involves communication with the spiritual realm. This is normally achieved by reaching altered states with regard to consciousness. An individual who practices the practice is known as a shaman and such persons are often considered as intermediaries between the real world and the spiritual world. It is claimed that they are able to heal ailments by mending the soul.Allegedly,they achieve this by combating the afflictions that affect the soul and hence restore the body to its original state of wholeness and wellness.

When did shamanism start? Who started it? And who still practices it? Are some of the questions that should be answered first before any in-depth analysis of Shamanism is done. The practice is believed to have been started by the ancient Mongolian and Turkish people. Geographically, they lived in the region spanning Siberia, Central Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. The exact time in which the practice started is unknown. In the current day ,it is practiced on a smaller scale in terms of the number of people who practice it.This can be attributed to the spread and adoption of mainstream religions on a global scale.However,from a geographical perspective, it is practiced more widely. This is because more people around the world have access to the religious material due to increased access to information via the web.

Like most religions, Shamanism has a certain set of core beliefs. This set of beliefs are common to all variations of the religious practice around the world. First and foremost, all individuals who are adherents of Shamanism believe in the existence of spirits and the spiritual universe. They believe that whatever happens in the spiritual world has an enormous bearing on what happens in our real world.Supposedly,the Shaman possesses the supernatural ability to communicate with the spirit world. His spirit can purportedly leave his body and enter the other world to seek audience with the spirits and hence find answers to problems plaguing individuals in the real world.

It is claimed that the shamans ability to communicate with the spirit world is what gives him the power to heal various illnesses. The religious practice also involves the use of spirit guides and spiritual messengers who are often in the form of animal images.Additionally,in shamanism circles, it is believed that the Shaman can also foretell the future and perform various forms of divination.

Aside from the core beliefs, this ancient practice also has some rituals that form part of its religious culture. Some of the rituals employ the strong use of song and dance. This is quite similar to most ancient and contemporary religious practices. Due to the fact that there are various forms of the practice that exist around the world, the songs are quite diverse. However, most of them employ the use of natural sounds. Shamans use bones and other religious paraphernalia such as; drums, feathers, gongs and pipes to perform their religious rituals. In addition to the above mentioned practices, Shamans also employ the use of; vigils,fasting  and sword fighting in their consciousness transcending endeavors.